Friday, January 23, 2009

Tomorrow we're off on our annual pilgrimage to the easternmost point of America. Here:
Our thrice-daily [yes, I used thrice] walks on the completely-deserted gorgeous beach are my favorite part of our time in Amagansett. The three of us get bundled up (it's COLD!!), walk the block to the beach, and then each meander along at our own pace, taking pictures, looking for sea glass and interesting shells and interesting stuff that's washed up.

There will also be a heaping helping of this:
Greatest. Restaurant. On. Planet.

As for knitting, my tendinitis is sort of flaring up. I haven't knit for 3 days (world record!!) and probably will have to forego on the long drive up (prime knitting time for something boring and necessary like sleeves), but I think I'll be able to get some knitting in. 

Here's what I am completely and madly obsessed with (Cue heavenly choir of angels!!!):

These are the Almeara Gloves by wonderful Jared Flood from the most recent Vogue Knitting. I cannot even make direct eye contact with this picture because of its cable-y, gorgeous-y, perfect-y awesomeness!!! There is some pink Felted Tweed at the store that will come home with me tonight and (I hope) this week will become these mighty gloves. I have some other projects I'd like to work on, but I don't want to taunt the Knitting/Tendinitis Gods (they're vengeful!!).

Finally, please go here and read my friend Lucia's post about the Inauguration. If you knew this lady and didn't already want to give her the biggest hug ever given, this touching post would convince you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We hope you will all have a wonderful time at Amagansett. And come home revivified for a fine February and March, while pitchers and catchers report, Ryan Howard gets to make a living wage, and Barack Obama gets started on straightening out all the mistakes and disasters of the past eight years - to the extent they're correctible.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Twice Knit said...

I can't think of anything better than walking on the beach in the winter. That's why we knit all those warm clothes. The tendonitus sucks, but the lobster bisque looks faboo. I agree Lucia's blog is the best I've ever read.

Enjoy the beach!!!!!!!!!!!You are so lucky.

8:45 PM  

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