Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Admission

Okay, after watching the Villanova-Pitt game last night, I realize I do care. A little. Go 'Cats.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I don't have March Madness. Everyone around me is going crazy! Okay, here's the thing: I don't really like college sports. There I said it. I don't like that the teams turn over completely every 4 years. I like the pros. I like watching pro basketball. I like watching pro football.

Hey, the Phillies traded Ronnie Paulino!! Yippee, Coste is safe.

I have very very interesting Phillies news, but it will have to wait a few days.....

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Random Thoughts

So I finish Patrick O'Brian's Treason's Harbor (Book 9) the other day and go to my local bookseller to buy The Far Side of the World (Book 10). Here was the demoralizing sight which met my eye:
What????!! They had every single book from 1-22, except for #10. What?? What's up with that? I ended up going to two other places before I found it. Huh!

Now my cats are as fancy and discerning as the next cats, but did Friskies really need to rename their cat food "Classic Pate" [complete with French accent] instead of "Loaf"?
Like that's going to make me more likely to buy it? Now that it's "pate"?

So remember last week when Gus finished basketball, and I lamely joked about baseball season starting up? Well, the day after basketball finished I got an email that this past Saturday was baseball tryouts. So here is Gus at 9 am:
And then here he is at 12 pm:
Gus's teacher Felix got married on Saturday and invited the kids from his class to attend the wedding. This was the moment the bride walked in - I love the kids with their wondering expressions.

Here is wonderful Felix, after the ceremony, surrounded by his students:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Thoughts...

Excuse me, what's up with this??

Snow?! That's crazy-talk! But yes, there it was on the grill this morning. Begone, winter!!

What's up with Cole Hamels? Matthew read me some ominous news article about how pitchers who stretched themselves innings-wise one year, automatically, like 100% of the time were injured the next season. I don't believe anything I hear coming out of Clearwater these days.

They should give Chan Ho Park the 5th starting position and let Happ work the bullpen. Park sounds like he's having a great spring, and I like wily veterans in my starting rotation more than green-ish youngsters.

I forgot about Joe Blanton! Until yesterday, when he turned in a sterling performance. Hamels, Schmhamels.

Chris Coste better make the team.

Ahhh, I feel better now. I'm getting into my spring training mode now. Go 2009 Phillies!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What, a new post already??

Look at me, posting every day!!! I have an uneasy feeling that it is the dearth of interesting events in my quiet life that keeps me from posting. Anyway, here's something interesting!

Today was the Closing Ceremonies for the GYAC Basketball Season. Gus's team, the mighty Gold Rush, finished tied for 1st with a 9-1 record. Here is a (hilarious) picture of the victors:
I can't tell who makes me laugh the most in this picture (and this was the most sedate one I took) - the kid on the uppermost left making crazy bug eyes, or the kid 2nd from left in front with funny hand-on-chin pose, or Gus's best friend who left his mouthguard in. Anyway, they were a bunch of great kids with a very patient and kind coach.

Next up - baseball season!! Who will sponsor the team this year?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's Catch Up

Ugh - I hate that feeling that I get when I suddenly notice that I haven't updated the blog in ELEVEN DAYS! No one knows what I've been knitting! No one knows what I think of the Phillies! No one knows what's hanging off the pillars on my front porch!!

I spent several days this past week with beloved sister Laura. I got so caught up on reality tv it's not funny!! Why don't Matthew and Gus want to watch hours and hours of "America's Next Top Model" and "Make Me A SuperModel"??? It's like they're....guys or something! Anyway, it was lovely to have a big block of quantity as well as quality time to spend in Charm City (that's Baltimore) with my wonderful sister.

I did get a bunch of knitting done. Here's a quick rundown, and then we're going to talk Phillies and baseball:

I made another Moebius Handle Basket out of delicious Malabrigo to contain another family of spool dollies for Gus's birthday:

This has been the extent of my non-Momogus Knits knitting. I am now all about the Sample Knitting 24/7!! I finished both new samples for The Easy Baby Pullover:
Pink Button-Placket Version

Close-up of adorable button:

Blue Rollneck Version

I also started 2 new samples for the Summer Shells pattern. Here they are in blob form. I haven't figured out the waist or neck shaping yet, but I thought I'd slog through the boring beginnning bit first:

I'm a little bit embarrassed and chagrined to admit that the green yarn is Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I bought it at Michael's. "Hi, my name is Diana [Hi Diana!] I work in a yarn store and I bought yarn at Michael's because it was cheap." Okay, it's out. I figure that I support a local yarn store to such an extent that I can have a lapse now and then. Here's the thing: Not only was this yarn cheap, but it's a really nice color and it feels GREAT to knit with. Huh.

Anyway, here's my last bit of Momogus Knitting. This is a basic toe-up sock (using NS5 Basic Toe-Up Socks!)

The extremely cool thing about these socks is that this is yarn that Gus dyed last summer, using Wilton Cake Icing Dye.

I'm hoping to teach a workshop in this technique this summer at the store, so I thought I'd knock out a sock as an example.

Okay, now on to the Phillies. I've been idly following baseball this spring training. I've watched some of the World Baseball Classic. Kudos to those who are playing for Team USA - that's you, Rollins and Victorino!

Also, I was blown away by how many really good players are from Canada. We were watching one of their games and each time someone came up to bat, I'd say, "Wow - I didn't know [insert surprising name here: Bay, Stern, Morneau, Martin, etc] was from Canada!" and would reach for my 2008 Who's Who In Baseball and sure enough they were! Kudos to Matt Stairs too for playing. I know it's a pain in the patootie for some of these guys and a lot of people turn down the opportunity, but I really like the guys who do go.

And go Team Netherlands, who knocked off the Dominican not once but twice!

As for the Phillies, I am sort of in my baseball fan spring training mode, stretching, working out the winter kinks, reading the Daily News from back to front again. The only drama so far is the battle for the 5th starting spot. It looks like J.A. Happ has nailed that down and Chan Ho Park will get a set-up role in the bullpen.

And finally, from this morning's Daily News, a full-page ad taken out by my beloved/hated Pat Burrell:
(a little hard to read, but basically a love letter. I can't remember any other Philadelphia sports figure doing anything like this. Go Pat!)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nature-y Goodness!

Doesn't nature just blow your mind sometimes? Look at this! Gus noticed this little icicle hanging from one of the front porch pillars. It seemed to be hanging in mid-air. It is actually suspended from a spider-web. I believe this is the nature-y equivalent of a steel girder hanging from some sewing thread.

Nature rules!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

It is the Confluence of Great Events!!!


Plus this:

Equals This:

Happy Birthday Snow Day Boy!!