Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Soggy Spring

Poor Coach Matt! He's been desperately trying to get his many PMP Orioles rain-cancelled practices rescheduled. But then those rescheduled practices get cancelled because of the rain. I don't usually mind a sprinkle or two, but c'mon, Mother Nature, give us a break already! [please note that in approximately one week I'll be complaining about how hot and sunny it is...]

In the middle of a particularly dicey Phillies game last week I took down my Phillies flag and put up the American flag. Raul Ibanez promptly hit a home run and the Phillies haven't lost since. You're welcome, Philadelphia Phillies.

I've been sort of floundering, knitting-wise. I finished Lucia's baby tank, which was really fun, and then got stuck. I finished the body of the February Lady Sweater and was not sure it was long enough, but since it's knit from the top down, I'm not sweating it since I can always add length on later if I need to. So I started one of the sleeves last night. They're extremely pleasant to knit because there's no increasing or decreasing. No wonder this sweater is so popular. I'd like to make some variation of it with a stockinette body I think. Someday. Here's a progress shot - I've finished one sleeve.
I also wanted to show you the super-awesome buttons I settled on (from Granny's Sewing Den in Glenside, which has a great button selection), but they are not to be found. Gus and I searched every inch of the house and I can't find them! Where did they go?? I just bought them 2 days ago and they're gone. Of course, if I go and buy replacement buttons they will immediately show up. Hrmph.....%&$*(% magic button-stealing house elves....

I feel itchy to start a new fun project, but with the TNNA show a month away I feel like I should be knitting Momogus stuff. But there's not much I can do in a month. I did start and finish this:
It's a ruffled neckwarmer that I think will be a fall Momogus Knits pattern. I'd like to do a ribbed one for a guy and sell them together. Neckwarmers rule.

Gus and I watched "American Idol" raptly last night. The guest mentor was Slash. Yes, Slash. Laura and I were debating whether Slash has become that uncool or AI has become that cool. Perhaps they're meeting in the middle, coolness-wise. I was hoping Adam would sing "Paradise City", but he sang "Whole Lotta Love", which is not my favorite Led Zeppelin song. It was okay. My favorite Kris looked overwhelmed and chose a Beatles song ("Come Together" - also not my favorite Beatles song) which seemed unwise. He did okay, but I fear that he is gone.*

(*nope - he was safe!! yippeeeee!)


Blogger Elizabeth D said...

Check the glove compartment for your buttons. . . good to hear that Granny's Sewing Den is still there. I'll have to make a pilgrimage one of these days.

--Elizabeth D

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Gus's Granddad said...

Hey, so we found your buttons! Right out in the open, probably the first place you shoulda looked. Oh well. Maybe they'll also bring fair weather for Coach Matt and his Orioles. Spring is on the way!

11:03 PM  
Blogger Liberty Fan said...

Unfortunately, I believe that Slash has become that uncool! I sound very grumpy about it, I know, but I think he just took it for exposure because I didn't think he really was much of a "mentor." Bah humbug!

9:23 AM  
Blogger diana said...

dk - we found the buttons - under my husband's laptop....of course?

gg - we did get a game in on saturday, but they lost. but gus was awesome!

elc - that was my feeling too. Him meeting adam was kind of awesome. i was a little scared for allison, but he was perfectly fine. the whole thing was so bizarre it was kind of great.

7:22 AM  

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