Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let's Get Caught Up

Here are some random images that I've been meaning to post for some time, but could not get my act organized. We have to backtrack a little, but then we will all be up to speed. In medical news, though I've been coughing non-stop for the past 3 weeks, after a doctor's visit and a chest x-ray, it was determined that I do not have pneumonia, nor a heroin addiction (which alarmed me on WebMD when I checked on what a "persistent cough" could mean). Probably just a mild lung infection. Anyway, here goes:

Here is GYAC Farm League All-Star Team. Please take note of the ONE kid without his hat on.

Here's Gus and Stephen, representatives of the mighty Orioles:

Here is the beginning of the Kingdom Gloves from Knitty that I started on my Columbus/TNNA trip:
I consider myself a fairly competent knitter, but you're looking at the most complicated, butt-kicking piece of knitting I've ever done. And that's just the cuff! I had to take a break from them, which may be permanent.

I did finish my Lady Eleanor Stole:
Love love love this project! I would do another one in a heartbeat.

I taught a yarn-dyeing class at the Tangled Web last week. Here are my students' efforts, which I brought home to dry:

For an emotionally-corrective experience from the Kingdom Gloves, I started the Cozy Cabled Mittens by Karen Konop. I absolutely lurve these:
How I love making a mitten. The yarn is 100% merino from Adams Farm in Vermont. It is so gloriously sheepy-smelling that I stop every few rows and just bury my nose in the yarn. It is divine. I even made Matthew smell it, which he did, grudgingly. Cream-colored mittens are not the most practical thing, though, so I may overdye them when I'm done. Stay tuned.

Here's what's occupied most of my recent spare time, between coughing fits:
This is the last of the TNNA orders, almost ready to be shipped out. That was a lot of pattern printing!! But now I'm almost caught up and am thinking and planning about what's next for Momogus Knits patterns. Stay tuned here or here.


Blogger Elizabeth D said...

Not nice to show those beautiful cabled mittens with no info on how/where to get the pattern!! Want!

Elizabeth D

1:08 PM  
Blogger diana said...

ED - I found them on ravelry so I didn't want to link. I couldn't find a weblink, but they're on my project page on Ravelry ("momogus"). did you finish your Handsome Mittens already???

2:12 PM  

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