Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Baseball and Some Knitting

Happy Bastille Day!

The Phillies released our beloved Chris Coste yesterday. The Astros picked him up right away (hello, Ed Wade??), so that was good, but we will miss him. We've enjoyed following his career. Here he is on Photo Day, 2006, as a 30-yr-old rookie:

In other Phillies news, it looks like Pedro Martinez is going to become a Phillie in the next few days. This is as (or even more) bizarre than the most bizarre coming-to-the-Phillies-late-in-your-career to date. This man:

(photo courtesy of We Should Be GMs)

Yes, that's Fernando Valenzuela in a Phillies uniform. His signing with the Phillies has reverberated around my brain for years. I had to look up the dates - he spent part of the 1994 season with the Phillies. In 8 games and 45 innings, he was 1-2 with an ERA of 3.00. I can't believe it was that recent - I thought it was in like 1979 or something. My brain is getting squishy. Anyway, Petey's going to be a Phillie! I'm hoping that this paves the way for the Phillies to trade Happ to the Blue Jays, so that Roy Halladay will also be a Phillie. Cross yer fingers.

In knitting news, I've been trying to come up with a one ball Kureyon scarf. If you are anything like me, you will succumb to the siren song of Kureyon's colory goodness every time it crosses your path. I have an unfortunate tendency to buy only one ball, which isn't good for much. I thought if I came up with the ultimate one-ball scarf, knitters everywhere would shout my name from the rooftops. Not much luck, though.

I wanted to do a lengthwise scarf that would take advantage of Kureyon's stripey goodness. This was my first attempt.

It actually looks better in the photo than it does in real life. The pattern is Seafoam from Barbara Walker's
Second Treasury. It's a little narrow, only about 3" wide after blocking, but the length is right, about 60". I may have to sacrifice some length to make it a little more substantial and wider. The pattern is great for a horizontal scarf, but it needs more than one repeat to really look effective and I just can't squeeze that out of one ball. It was a fun process though. Back to the drawing board.

I am heading down the homestretch with the Aestlight Shawl. I have half the edging done and have turned the pointy corner in the middle. I'm a little bit nervous about how little yarn I have left. I don't mind if I have to bind off the top with something different, but I don't want to have to use a different yarn to finish the edging. And I don't want to drop another $20 to buy another ball, just to finish off a bit of edging. Living on the edge:

I finished these a while ago, but didn't post a picture. Cozy Cabled Mittens, an awesomely fun project:

All-Star Game tonight. Many Phillies, beloved Charlie Manuel, who could ask for anything more?!


Anonymous Gus's Granddad said...

I hope this All-Star game is better for Charlie than his last - as a coach in 2002 (the infamous Bud Selig tie) - after which he was fired the next day as the Indians' manager. I don't think Ruben Amaro has that in mind this time.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Sandy said...

I'll be finishing a baby pinwheel blanket while watching the game tonight. We only have a few Brewers to watch, but, that's OK after Prince Fielder won the Home Run Derby last night. At least your players and mine will be on the same team tonight. Enjoy!

7:11 PM  
Blogger diana said...

GG - well, the Phillies were well-represented, but did not actually acquit themselves that well.

Sandy - How about that mighty Prince Fielder!! Some of those home runs were positively titanic!!

9:23 AM  

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