Monday, December 07, 2009

Catching Up

First, some apologies for being lazy and posting duplicate posts that I wrote up for the Momogus Knits company blog. That blog is all knitting and useful knitting stuff. This blog is supposed to be all pictures of eggnog lattes and musings on Pat Burrell's smoky calendar pictures. [Pat Burrell......smoky goodness....sigh......]

But it is also for the recording of all the flotsam and jetsam of non-Momogus knitting. It would be nice to present these as I knit them, in a sensible and non-crazy form. But it would be nice to do a lot of things, and most of them aren't happening! So anyway, here is a cavalcade of recent finished knitting projects. (Sports fans, there's some Phillies/Sixers chat after all the knitting)

Bella's Mittens (oh so romantically draped on the printer at work):
Inspired by the movie "Twilight" (have you heard of it?), these are a sample for a class at the Tangled Web. This was a really well-written pattern, and I lurved how these turned out. Knit in Berroco Peruvia, one of my all-time favorite yarns.

French Press Slippers:
(I think I might have sewn the buttons on the wrong end of the flaps, but I'm not sure...)
One of the things I like about Ravelry is that it allows me to indulge my inner bandwagon-jumper. Though I like to think I am resistant to jumping on bandwagons generally, sometimes I like to see what's the most popular project on Ravelry and join the crowd. Everybody's making these! They turned out great. They were quick, but because I chose black they were not the most enjoyable project to knit or seam.

I used Cascade 220, which usually doesn't felt well for me, but these felted perfectly - who knew? I also used some hand-felted buttons we have for sale at the Tangled Web.

I feel these will add a touch of elegance to the distinctive Phillies t-shirt and Old Navy pajama bottom combo I usually don for sleepwear or loungewear.

Baby Surprise Jacket:
Talk about jumping on the bandwagon! This may be the most popular knitting pattern of all time. I love reading Elizabeth Zimmerman's books, but I've never knit one of her patterns before. It wasn't the most enjoyable knit I've ever knit, but I am truly in awe of her genius in thinking it up. It's knit in one piece and seamed on top of the sleeves. I meant to take a picture of it before I seamed it up because it's just one goofy-looking piece, but I was so anxious to finish that I forgot. This is for a class at The Tangled Web. Jojoland Rhythm yarn with a single crochet edging around the front.

Star-Crossed Beret:
(sorry I did not have a head to model this on - well, I do have a head of course - I mean a foam head. Oh never mind...) Another very popular Ravelry pattern that we're teaching as a class at the store. I used one of the 10,000 balls of Malabrigo I've accumulated. Gentle cabling, good shaping (this is one of the best-fitting hats I've ever made), quick knit. I highly recommend.

I also have a bunch of holiday knitting going on that I cannot share with you, but will eventually.

Now let's talk Phillies. I am so happy to see THIS MAN back in a Phillies uniform:
Yay! Placido Polanco!! I really liked Pedro Feliz and his beautiful style of play, but Polanco's almost as good defensively (though he hasn't played 3rd since he left the Phils) and brings a bigger bat to the hot corner. Great move, Ruben Amaro, Jr!

And speaking of players returning to Philadelphia, what about THIS GUY?
(Remember? 2001 playoffs when he stepped over Tyrone Lue? Awesome!!)
I have to say that, despite his off-court shenanigans, I've always liked Iverson. I hope he does well and that his second tenure here ends more happily than the first.


Anonymous Gus's Granddad said...

I thought we'd NEVER get to Placido Polanco (sorry, knitters). But it was good to see him, and it'll be good to see him at third base. I loved watching Pedro Feliz throw the ball across the diamond, but I didn't much like watching him at bat. Placido coming back of course brings back the ill-considered signing of David Bell for big bucks - since he was on third base getting big money, we had to trade Polanco to Detroit (for Ugueth Urbina! Ugh!). But now he's back, ready for the World Series. Whoopee!

11:02 AM  

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