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Happy New Year, Folks!

Obligatory best wishes for a wonderful 2010 to you all! I know a lot of folks who had a tough 2009, and a few who ended 2009 in a particularly sad way. For those, I especially hope that 2010 is a happier year. For me 2009 was a nice year. Why? Because nothing happened!! That, to me, is the secret to happiness and contentment - just have nothing happen! The normal sweet day-to-day routine was uneventful. If 2009 were a rollercoaster ride it would look like this -> ---------------------------------------- YEE HAW!

Anyway, enough of that. I have high hopes for 2010. Here are some of my New Year's Resolutions:

1. Learn how to cut up a whole chicken
2. Learn how to sharpen a knife to cut up said chicken
3. Learn how to roast a whole chicken (a different one from the one I just cut up)
4. Make a loaf of bread from scratch, with the whole yeast-rising, punching-down business

My dear frend Sabina bought me an awesomely awesome cookbook for Christmas, Mad Hungry, and I have been thrilled by it and inspired to cook well for my men. I never really learned how to cook, so this is a big thing for me.

For knitting I have some resolutions.

1. Finish (well, start and finish) the 2nd glove for this:

Annemor #10 Glove from the transcendent Selbuvotter, the yummiest book ever! I powered through this glove in March of 2008. 2008, folks. That was almost 2 years ago. Though I have no problem tossing unfinished projects that no longer interest me, this one does. I shall make that 2nd glove!!

2. Get on the stick and publish the Chestnut Hill Ganseys patterns for Momogus Knits. I have this done:

American Girl Doll version

And this:

Baby version

And this:

Child's version - done!

And I'm actually farther along in this, the Adult version, than the picture shows:

So what's the hold up, you may ask? I don't know!! I just could not get myself to finish these up. But that was so 2009, you know. Now it's 2010, and they're going to get done.

3. Add more Adult sweaters to the pattern line. The blahness of the sample knitting for these sweaters has held me off for years, but again now it's 2010, and they're going to get done!

That's a lot of resolutions. They're actually more of a to-do list, which is probably more likely to get done. I love me a to-do list!! Does anyone have resolutions or to-do's that they'd like to share? Share the love! Share the resolutions! Writing them down makes them more likely to happen, I find.

Hope your 2010 is exciting (if you want it to be) or wonderfully non-exciting!!


Blogger Elizabeth D said...

Diana, the best (and most successful) New Year's resolution I ever made was "See more movies." I actually kept that one (I had seen exactly 0 movies the year before, so it wasn't hard.)

I no longer make the "become perfect" type, but this year I have resolved to make a sweater for myself. Doesn't have to be fancy, just has to get finished, and I have to wear it.

11:47 AM  
Blogger ginaknits said...

My hubby does nearly all the cooking in the house (I prefer baking - no one turns up a nose at leftover CC cookies!), so I rarely give cooking advice. An absolutely full-proof method for roasting a whole chicken is to (1) clean out the gizzards, (2) optionally fill cavity with cut up lemons and fresh rosemary and (3) pop chicken into preheated 500 degree F oven until golden brown - about an 70 minutes for a 4 lb fryer. Even I haven't messed up this one.

7:56 PM  
Blogger diana said...

Elizabeth - I'm with you! More movies! A wearable sweater!

Gina - THANK YOU! I hope to try your method this very week and will report back!

8:10 AM  

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