Sunday, February 07, 2010


In the backyard yesterday:

My favorite bird, gallant Mrs. Cardinal, venturing out for some lunch in the middle of the blizzard.

I stayed in and baked bread. My bread-baking is ahem, a work in progress. I can't get the loaves to rise very much, though I sit them on the radiator. I wonder if even that is not warm enough. Yesterday's efforts were very flat and dense. Does anyone out there have any bread-baking hints they can offer?

No knitting to show - my arm is better but not back to 100%. I knit a little bit in the morning and my arm began to throb from the elbow to the tip of my middle finger. Not good! And so frustrating! I am so close to finishing up a half-dozen new Momogus Knits patterns, but can't finish because I can't finish the samples. Urgh. And argh!


Blogger Elizabeth D said...

Are you using good, fresh yeast? You'd be amazed. . . if this is going to be a common activity, go ahead and order a whole pound from the King Arthur Baking Company.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Gus's Granddad said...

Sorry your tendinitis is still acting up, Megan. (I guess that's the problem, right?) Not to be able to knit must be driving you bananas, especially when your bread won't rise. But how 'bout dem Saints? Who dat say dem Saints is NFL champeens! I guess this'll be the longest Mardi Gras celebration old Nawlins has seen in quite a while!

9:42 AM  

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