Thursday, April 29, 2010

Holy Procrastination, Batman - I hate when so much time goes by between posts! Especially when nothing much is going on around here.

Here's some stuff I'm knitting:

After a hiatus of several years, I suddenly feel like knitting socks again. Not plain socks, but nothing too complicated either.

This sock - I think it is from "Favorite Socks". A simple lace pattern. I like the look of patterning that extends down the top of the foot, but I don't like the feel of it when I'm wearing them. So I stopped the patterning at the ankle.

Also, these, with a simple twisted cable pattern on the legs.

Socks are fun!

Then, because I was feeling nutty and retro, I knit this:

This is the dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I love it more than someone should love a dishcloth. Here it is, in situ, hanging from my circa 1961 ker-AZY stove/oven:

In Momogus Knits knitting, I knit these:

These are Easy Colorwork Headbands, you know, for like skiing and schussing and stuff like that. Clearly there is a sizing issue. The manly one at the top is way too big. The girlier one at the bottom is the 2nd one I knit and is the proper size to hug your head in a warm and attractive way. Pattern to follow.

Also, you may not have guessed it, but cats apparently LOVE easy colorwork headbands. The second I put these down on the windowsill, this happened:

Nuts (orange), Funny (grey tabby on carseat) and Silly.
And then this happened:

Nuts, Funny, and Caroline! Ooooh, what are those headbands doing in our window???!!!

Crazy cats....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Red Letter Day

Gus has been idly talking about getting a mohawk for a couple of years now, but this year he insisted that he was serious. His father/coach had also requested that he get a haircut since last year he was always fussing with his hair under his catcher's mask. Gus has been rocking the long hair look for a couple of years now, so this year when he announced suddenly that it was time for a mohawk, I was skeptical and then worried that it might be too big a shock.

In true fussy-mommy fashion, I suggested that he get his hair cut short on the bottom and leave it long on the top for a while till he got used to it. I printed out pictures from the internet (you get to some uneasy-making sites if you google "boys haircut"), I lost sleep fretting (what if he bursts into tears at the barber's? what if he tells the kids at school that he's getting a haircut and then chickens out? what will they think?). My goodness, what a lot of effort a commited mom can put into her fretting!

What happened was this: We went to the barber. We told Maria what we wanted. She did exactly what we asked. Gus came off the chair with a huge grin. Fauxhawk success!

The whole time she was cutting his hair off, I started getting a little weepy (because I am insane) and thinking "Oh look he's so handsome! Oh look he's so handsome!" I hadn't seen his whole beautiful face since he was a baby.

We then went bowling and he won both games. He insisted it was the mighty Power of the Fauxhawk. We had water ice. We went to the drugstore to buy hair product (since I don't even own a blow dryer, let alone anything fancier than conditioner). We went to Science Night at his school, and his friends (especially the girls) went wild. The coolest girl in his class saw him across the room and mouthed "I LOVE YOUR HAIR!" He then disappeared from my side and spent the night running around with his friends and generally being about 3" taller from pride (and hair product).

It used to be about getting an A on an exam or a promotion at work. Those things are good, but this is better.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Bad Blogger!

Sorry, folks - I've been a bad blogger! I'm finding that Ravelry is picking up my urge to document my knitting projects and Facebook is now taking up my urge to document non-knitting stuff.

But anyway, here's some stuff that's been going on with me lately.

Hello, Roy Halladay! Thank you for completely living up to your hype and more!!

And thank you, my beloved Polanco, for the grand slam and 6 rbis!

Happy Easter.....Eggs!

These were made in a newfangled way - you squeeze some dye into a plastic bag and rub it on - weird, but so much lower-maintenance than the lineup of dye in glasses with the vinegar and all. I approve!

The trunk show at The Tangled Web was awesome! We had over 40 folks, and it was so touching to see people I knew who had come out to support me. I love you, crazy knitters! The Ganseys are all done and if you join my Momogus Knits Facebook page, you will be treated to a nice Gansey-related special.

Here are some things I've been knitting:

This is the first of three strips for the Tangled Web's Block of the Month Club. Yummy Manos yarn. With all the trillion colors to choose from I chose to work it in only 2 colors. But that's okay.

Did I post this before? This is Jared Flood's Hemlock Ring Blanket, a lovely project for a lovely friend. Cascade 220. Fun, relatively quick project.

Beaded Lace Bookmark by Nancy Knits. I do love a beaded project and also projects that use up leftovers. Took a smidge of fingering weight yarn (Koigu) and some beads. I wish it were a little longer and narrower, but it's still very pretty. Think I'll teach a class on this in the fall.

Here's an example of Diana, the Dolt Genius. This is Ene's Scarf, from Scarf Style - May/June Knitalong at the Tangled Web. I knit it in Felted Tweed (dk weight) instead of the laceweight it called for (because I dearly love old FT) and it came out twice as big as the original! I love it though. Anyway I was blocking it on the living room floor (above) and had to take it to the store by evening. When I unpinned it, it was still damp, which was problematic. It was only after taking the photo below (in the sun, with a light breeze) that I thought "AHA! I can use NATURE to dry my shawl!" But it took me an embarrassingly long time to get to that thought.