Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baseball time!

Phillies: I'm disturbed by the wasting of several fine pitching performances by Halladay, Moyer and Kendrick. Also by Jimmy Rollins' persistent injury, which he aggravated warming up. Um, that's not good! Also that they got whacked by the stinkin' Mets. Also that Lidge is ready to return, which I am a little trepidatious about [did I just make up that word?] But I love my Phillies and my Charlie Manuel. I think everything will be okay.

By the way, this year I (as the owner of Momogus Knits Patterns - have you heard of them?) am the co-chair of the 2010 Phillies Stitch N Pitch game, to be held August 10. Pretty spiffy, eh? I love the idea of Stitch N Pitch, though I keep score at games, so it's actually the one time that I don't knit.

GYAC Dodgers: The mighty Joseph J Fiandra, Esq. Dodgers are now 5-2, a 5-win improvement over last season, when they had most of the same players, but many newbies. This year there's only one kid who's never played before and he's become an expert at drawing walks, so Coach Matt is happy. Gus has been catching, pitching and playing first and second base - sometimes all in the same game! A veteran presence competent at any position is a godsend in this league.

Coach and son.

GYAC Momogus Knits Patterns Purple Striped Tigers: I've caught one game of the MKPPSTs this year. We tried to see another one, but they were rained out. Their last game is tomorrow and I hope to see them once again. They don't keep score at that level, so while the games are soothing and relatively stress-free, they are also somewhat lacking in compelling excitement. But still, to watch those little girls with their business-like swings and their exuberant fun (in those shirts!) is pure awesome sauce.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm not embarrassed to show you what I've been knitting! It's perfectly normal to knit dishtowels! And besides, these are all going to friends as presents. Because who doesn't want to receive a nice dishtowel as a present?? Am I right?
Well anyway I can't stop knitting these. It's a little bit troubling, how many trips I've made to the big box stores for $1.79 balls of cotton yarn, but hey I can stop any time I want!
I also started this:
Yes, this black (actually it's super-dark charcoal grey) shapeless lump is the Momogus Knits Easy Boatneck Shell. For me!! Hey, you know what's weird? Though I've knit many MANY samples of all of my patterns, I don't think I've actually knit something for me to use in civilian life. Say what?! That's odd..... Maybe if I designed a dishtowel pattern, I'd make them for me..... (hmmm.....)

Tomorrow (or, who am I kidding, next post), some baseball musings.