Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Images

Don't have enough mental energy for full post, but here are some random images to get me back into the swing of things:

Mr. Cool, before the GYAC All-Star Game, at which he would drive in the go-ahead run for the National League (game ended in a tie):

Cabled Fingerless Mitts (well, Mitt) by Meg White:

Two things about this glove I do love so: One, it is constructed from the top-down, which is interesting and means you don't have to fuss with a thumb gusset. Two, the big beads which you sew into the middle of the cables when you're done. LOVE! I'm teaching a class in this at the Tangled Web in the fall.

Beat-up shack and transformer box (which says "Crazy Train"!!) near the mighty 12-million-line crossing at Marion, Ohio. The Jordan-Borns do love their trainwatching, and Marion does the trick. We saw about a dozen trains coming from every which way in the hour or so we were there. Might be the best train watching place in the country! There, I said it!

You know I try to keep cat pictures to a minimum on the blog, but this just cracked me up. This is how Nuts sleeps. Every time he gets on that old car seat, he stretches his arms out like that. It makes me giggle every time. Also notice Funny stuffed into small basket on the left. "I fit!"