Sunday, July 18, 2010


Do you all know about Etsy? Has it altered your life (and your checking account) like it has mine? I came across this wondrous website a few years ago - now whenever I have a moment I go and check things out. It's all (or mostly) handmade items. It makes you never want to shop at Target ever again. I have to be careful how often I go on because I just want to buy every thing I see.

This month I hit the Etsy jackpot with three new purchases. First this, two gorgeous chili bowls from darshanpottery. These are exactly the kind of thing I love - I love the earth tones, the shape, the capacity of the bowls. Look how beautiful!

And they're from Vermont, my most favorite state in the country!

Next, I had a hankering for a necklace, so I poked around Etsy and found this:

This is from delicacyj. Isn't that the prettiest thing you ever did see?

Finally, after seeing a ton of filmy laceweight shawls at TNNA, I had a hankering for some laceweight yarn. I had none in the stash, so I bought this:

100% tussah silk yarn from dyeforyarn which became this:

"Little Leaves" by Susanna IC. Loved the yarn, loved this pattern. It has little silver-grey beads in it - I lurve knitting with beads!

So that's a little tour through Etsyland for you. And of course, you can always find FABULOUS knitting patterns there as well!